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Health and Safety Executive

Office of Rail Regulation  

Department for Transport  

British Safety Council    

Step Change in Safety     

Health and safety strategy

Promoting safety and value in Britain’s railways.  Office of Rail Regulation strategy 2009-14.

The Health and Safety of Great Britain. Health and Safety Executive Strategy 

Office of Rail Regulation Health and Safety report (2010)       

Toolkit background  

Measurement of safety culture in the rail industry. RSSB report.  

Developing a practical self assessment tool for measuring and managing safety culture. RSSB report.          

Safety culture background  

Reason, James (1997). Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents.  

A review of safety culture and safety climate literature for the development of the safety culture inspection toolkit. HSE RR 367 (2005).

Engaging with Safety Culture : A Review of Current Thinking and Practice. British Safety Council report.

Safety culture: A review of the literature. HSL/2002/25.     

Safety management systems  

Railway Management Maturity Model. Office of Rail Regulation (2011)

HSG65 Successful Health and Safety Management

Strategies to promote safe behaviour as part of a health and safety management system. HSE Report 430 (2002).

Management commitment and leadership

The role of managerial leadership in determining workplace safety outcome. HSE Report 044 (2003).   

Leadership for the major hazard industries.  HSE.   

International Council on Mining and Metals’ ‘Leadership Matters.  The Elimination of Fatalities’.  

Safety culture development

Key Practical Issues in Strengthening Safety Culture.  International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group.  INSAG-15.

Safety Culture Maturity Model Offshore Technology Report 2000/049. HSE.

Development and validation of the HMRI safety culture inspection toolkit. HSE RR 365 2005.

Human factors and continuous improvement 

RSSB Human Factors Good Practice Guide  

RSSB Human Factors’ useful tools and resources

HSG48 Reducing Error and Influencing behaviour.

Behaviour modification programmes – Establishing best practice. Offshore Technology Report2000/048.  

Step Change in Safety Human Factors report   

Strategies to promote safety behaviours