Who should use this site?
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Who should use this site?

This site is designed for safety managers and supervisors involved in planning and implementing safety policy and safety management systems.  It is relevant to all companies (rail and non-rail) regardless of your current level of safety culture: there is always room for improvement and the site will offer advice and good practice guidance specific to your current level of safety culture development.

It also provides registered companies with the opportunity to share and learn from examples of safety culture interventions that have been effective in improving attitudes and behaviours towards safety. 

In summary, this site provides a safety culture “one stop shop” that provides: 

  • a safety culture self-assessment survey & analysis package;
  • both generic and results-specific guidance on safety culture enhancement at both strategic and detailed levels;
  • access to good practice examples that can be used to generate ideas for improvement initiatives and interventions;
  • the opportunity to submit good practice items to the ‘Safety Culture Library’;
  • an interactive ‘Safety Culture Discussion Forum’ where registered users can post and respond to comments.

Non-registered users can also access a convenient source of guidance and reference material.  This includes an overview of safety culture and its background, and access to generic improvement advice based on a concept of 5 levels of safety culture development.