Interpreting the results
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Interpreting the results

The results are most useful in aiding further improvement of the existing safety culture.  Consequently the key areas to identify are:     

  • The main strengths - these form foundations to build on;
  • Noted ‘weak' areas - these should be investigated further to determine the main issues leading to these responses (eg. explore differences across roles, departments, etc. across specific factors/questions);
  • The overall level of safety culture development - this will help to determine key enablers and priorities for further improvement.

The main areas to focus attention are apparent differences in response between roles, locations and departments.  The reports generate general guidance based on the overall/notional safety culture development level and immediately identify strengths and weaknesses, improvement topics and actions.

NB.  The overall/notional safety culture development level and associated guidance needs careful consideration - see ‘Safety Culture Development Levels'.