About this toolkit
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About this toolkit 

The RSSB safety culture assessment survey was first developed in 1997 for the Railway Safety and Standards Board and had been used by many rail companies up to 2004.  It comprised a standard questionnaire that was analysed by RSSB and who produced a report for the assessed company.   

In light of further developments on safety culture, RSSB enhanced and updated its assessment tool and launched its original web-based toolkit (version 1) in 2008.  This provided a comprehensive safety culture self-assessment package which included the following features: 

  • Useful background information on safety culture;
  • On-line and/or paper-based safety culture self-assessment using a standardised questionnaire;
  • Automated analysis of results and production of graphical outputs;
  • Access to assessment-specific improvement solutions;
  • Industry benchmarking;
  • Links to solutions and good practice

RSSB have now launched Version 2 of the Toolkit (this website).  This includes the following updates:

  • Improved usability – look and feel; survey administration;
  • Updated content;
  • Enhanced data analysis and benchmarking;
  • New ‘Build Reports’ functionality to enable companies to benchmark themselves against previous surveys;
  • A new interactive ‘Safety Culture Discussion Forum’;
  • A new ‘Safety Culture Improvement Library’ where registered members can submit and share good practice.