Management commitment
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Demonstrable (senior and line) management commitment to health and safety

Visible (senior and line) management commitment, leadership and involvement in improving health and safety performance is vital for building a positive safety culture.  The interest in, and priority placed on, safety by management needs to be ‘felt’ by the organisation and demonstrated in a variety of ways:  

  • Management role modelling of safe behaviours (‘walking the talk’)  
  • Good quality and effective communications        
  • Management’s attention to, and interest in health and safety – via safety tours, involvement in health and safety activities and events, what’s talked about, what managers choose to spend their time on        
  • Allocation of resources by the organisation
  • The priority given to health and safety issues (compared with commercial) and how it deals with short term conflicts between priorities

For more information, see:

The role of managerial leadership in determining workplace safety outcome. HSE Report 044 (2003).

Leadership for the major hazard industries. Effective health and safety management. HSE.