Safety management audits

Safety management audits

Safety management audits (eg. ISRS Manager, TRIPOD, RoSPA, BSC 5-star)


  • Audit processes devised to examine key aspects of the safety management system.
  • Based on underlying models of safety management that include aspects of safety leadership, competence and commitment to safety.
  • Normally look for both presence of a system and its effectiveness.
  • Use trained or accredited auditors – normally external – to perform audits.


  • Provide a detailed and extensive examination of the safety management process.
  • Reveals many tangible aspects of safety culture and management commitment to safety.


  • Does not reveal much about workforce attitudes and behaviours.
  • Debatable how well underlying SMS model fits some organisations/industry sectors.
  • Does not give opportunity for all employees to give their views and participate in the process.

When and how to use

  • Useful for a comprehensive review of safety management systems.
  • Approaches such as ISRS Manager can be used effectively to drive the organisation’s safety culture – ethos of continual improvement against elements; element leaders/champions etc.