Safety performance indicators
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Safety Performance Indicators

Safety Performance Indicators


  • Measures of safety performance, eg. RIDDOR reportable incidents; loss time injuries etc.
  • Key indicators of aspects of safety culture, eg. number of safety tours performed; safety observations made; near misses reported etc.


  • Selected leading indicators can be very useful for monitoring key inputs that will enhance safety culture, eg. number of safety tours, safety observations.
  • Safety performance outcome (or ‘lagging’) indicators’ (eg. Lost Time Injuries, etc.) give insights into the current safety culture at a macro level.
  • Selected combinations of indicators can be very useful to overall monitoring of an organisation’s safety culture – can help to prompt more detailed investigations.


  • Do not reveal underlying attitudes at all.
  • Do not readily identify the underlying problems – just show the outputs.
  • Do not give any insights into how to improve.

When and how to use

  • Should be a key part of the overall safety monitoring arrangements.
  • Can prompt need for further investigations and/or action.