Safety culture workshops

Safety culture workshops

Safety culture workshops


  • Series of workshops with cross-sections of the workforce.
  • Participants consider and debate their perceptions on key aspects of safety and safety management.
  • Workshops normally elicit views on improvement ideas.


  • Powerful way of eliciting/exposing differing perceptions within an organisation.
  • Provides very useful insights into many key aspects of safety culture.
  • Enables improvement ideas to be identified.
  • Allows employees to participate and raises profile of safety culture.
  • Flexible – allows key issues to be explored as appropriate.


  • Only involves participation of a limited number of employees – hence may not reflect views of whole organisation.
  • Does not generate responses on a wide range of questions.
  • Can be difficulties conveying the outcomes of the workshops to senior managers – especially if not present (lose emotions etc.).
  • High profile raises workforce expectations about responses – can lead to management losing credibility if response perceived as being inadequate.
  • Be careful to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

When and how to use

  • As part of a committed safety culture improvement programme as a high profile intervention AND when prepared and committed to respond to the outcomes.
  • An alternative to a survey approach.
  • As a means of demonstrating management commitment – BUT only if prepared to respond promptly and fully to outcomes.
  • DO NOT use if uncertain what issues are likely to be revealed, or without planning, resourcing & being committed to address outcomes.